YOU (all twenty of you) COME FOLLOW MY NEW BLOG.


60 percent chance of rain.

today i'm wearing my purple shorts because

A. schools out & shorts are the clothing of summer
B. I shaved my legs, and i'm not going to waste this moment with pants.



537 miles away.

short, sweet, and to the point- just the way i like it.
he's all the way in colorado, and still  made my day special.

we have officially shared four valentines as a couple. FOUR.
that first year he gave me a chocolate fish, and instead of eating it i kept it in its box and saved it.
(watch for me on that TLC hoarding show)

i hope your day was filled with love.


it's friday, friday.

a three hour nap, costa vida & cookie dough were my best friends tonight. spending weekends in my bed is turning into a sad, sad habit. you could blame it on the side effects of a long distance relationship or just call it an over all funk. whatever it is i've been lacking any sort of motivation to go out. it's friday night and i'm getting my laundry done, but i'm surprisingly satisfied.


round two.

once upon a time i started my first blog. i named her "courtney does" and  filled her with love stories and complaints about high school. a year and a half later, i became unattached and out of sudden impulse i deleted the blog. i instantly missed the blogging world- i needed a place to write. i tried to re-build her, but it wasn't the same.

so, i was left with no other choice than to start new.
here's to a new home and new chapter.